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O yeahhhh

2009-04-01 03:09:57 by artlogicgames

I like this
happy april fools day.

nice theme BTW

New Game : SkyInvasion

2009-02-20 10:04:37 by artlogicgames

Hi everybody.
Ive submit artlogic newest game
it is called Skyinvasion.

The game could be said as kingdom of the wind improved version.
Since i add couples new things in sky invasion , but the gameplay is similar.

I hope you enjoy the game.
Play it Now

EpicWar2 demobattle video

2008-11-28 21:25:48 by artlogicgames

EpicWar2 will coming at December.
If u like EpicWar then u would like epicwar2 too

We have put lots of works with epicwar2 .
Player can play as 3race : human,elves, orcs
Each races will have 8 units and 1 titan.

If you fans of The End boss then epicwar2 will have more epic boss :).

You can see some screenshot HERE

enough lets see demovideo :). enjoy.

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EpicWar2 demobattle video

My new games:KOW

2008-11-14 18:16:34 by artlogicgames

Hi guys.
i just published new games here
it called Kingdom Of The Wind

i wait for your suggestion there

My new games:KOW

Khronos Achivements List

2008-10-21 04:05:31 by artlogicgames

1-1. Play Games 2x
1-2. Read the instructions
1-3. Read the credits
1-4. Survive for 10 minutes
1-5. Survive for 20 minutes
1-6. Survive for 35 minutes
1-7. Die 5 times
1-8. Die 20 times
2-1. Complete level 1
2-2. Complete level 2
2-3. Complete level 3
2-4. Reach more than 500.000 points at highscore
2-5. Kill 10 enemies
2-6. Kill 30 enemies
2-7. Kill 50 enemies
2-8. Kill 100 enemies
3-1. 15 hit combos
3-2. 30 hit combos
3-3. 50 hit combos (no award for more combos. I got over 100)
3-4. Do one special attack
3-5. Do one counter attack (special attack as you are hit)
3-6. Kill an enemy boss
3-7. Kill 5 enemy bosses
3-8. Kill 10 enemy bosses
4-1. Pause 1 minute
4-2. Pause 2 minutes
4-3. No attack 1 minute
4-4. No attack 2 minutes
4-5. Move 250 steps
4-6. Move 500 steps (I think, in one game)
4-7. Move 1200 steps
4-8. Play games 10 times

Hope with that list you can play as Ultimate KHRONOS.
enjoy the game
you can play the game at HERE

New Hot Games - Khronos: The Rise of Dark Warrior

2008-10-17 22:38:51 by artlogicgames

Hi I want to let u all know
our newest game, Khronos is playable at NG

you can play it at KHRONOS

This game has 6 playable character, you should unlock 6 achievements to unlock 1 additional character.
You can give comment and suggestion there.

THe main character is "inspired" by Kratos from God of War.

New Hot Games - Khronos: The Rise of Dark Warrior

EpicWar contest

2008-09-11 23:11:03 by artlogicgames

We know many of you have play EpicWar. And we have a lot of comment about the game. Since we will start develop the sequel. We would like to thanks for playing EpicWar. We will launch EpicWar contest .


* You must be at least 13 years old to enter the contest
* Write about what makes you like epicwar and what you hates about epicwar
* Write about ideas, suggestion that you want to see at epicwar2
* Write clearly and please use good language, dont write bad and useless review as we will delete it
* All payment will be send to your paypal account, so you must have paypal account to enter the contest


15 October 2008

Prize : $100 for one person only ( we might consider to give it to 2 winner if we have lots of submission )



2008-09-08 23:12:09 by artlogicgames

While we still brainstorming for EpicWar2 ideas.
Here is our upcoming next games , Khronos

This game is action based. There are many variation enemy.
Combo is main strength of this game.
You will enjoy slash enemy with your combo .

This game probably will publish at end of September.
while waiting, you can take alook at spoiler link


Epic War2 devlog

2008-08-27 00:15:13 by artlogicgames

Hi i know there is people like this game but still lot of people hate it too. There is say its BM ripoff or just ageofwar+BM+gemcraft etc

Next month we(artlogic) start to develop epicwar2 Before we give update how the gameplay is i want to know what feature you want to have in EW2 also what is the worst make u hate it so we will fix it in EW2.

I will be happy if this thread use to give us some positive feedback so we can make better game in EW2.

and stay tune, we will give updates our devlog to this blog.

Epic War2 devlog