Little Army feat.Tankmen & Pbot

2011-04-21 04:37:16 by artlogicgames

Hey guys,
We release a new game, My Little Army. We have prepare a cool stage special tribute for NG .
And we have put Tankmen and Pbot as playable character . Just enjoy the most beautiful game and have orga*m after that!

TankMen Rules!!

Little Army feat.Tankmen & Pbot


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2011-04-21 12:31:50

Wow looks great, I love the artstyle


2011-04-21 20:47:03

damn that game is adicting, finished with the 3 heroes, need NG medals :D


2011-04-22 16:08:31

its great! - but i miss 4 little guys/girls ;(
played it twice on every difficulty and got all the medals ...

the missing are:
1st page between cyborge and super alg
2nd page between armor knight and elephant
3rd page between kangroo and kong alien
3rd page last chr on the page

one of them is the egyptian type - havn't got the money yet for him... but where do i get the others?

looking forward to your answer!
and thank you for a great game - you cost my quite some hours ^

artlogicgames responds: my-walkthrough/


2011-07-28 19:54:58

So anyways when is Epic War 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-08-02 20:26:54

Amazing game!
Keep at it!
It's is not hard...IT IS CHALLENGING!!
Spend a lot of hours just to finish this!!
Hope you do the same work on Epic War 5!!!


2011-10-03 22:24:22

Seriously you said Epic War 5 was to be released today now where is it???