EpicWar4 video

2010-06-22 23:19:45 by artlogicgames

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EpicWar series continues.
We make heroes having unique looking and movement.
You can use three heroes at the battlefield.
Prepare for lot of surprise in this game, we put more boss bring back the boss that we miss at ew3.

and the best part for ew1 and 2 fans, we have bring back the turets , but it is not main feature. you should cast it as spell.

Hopefully you will enjoy the game here at end of July


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2010-06-22 23:22:16

Wow looks awesome too bad that its coming out untill the end of july.


2010-06-22 23:47:38

Too awesome. Maybe make the unit interface like epic war 3 with cards?
I liked that better much sleeker.


2010-06-23 01:24:41

The game is untidy. In the video. It could be improved a bit better, even if it's in development. That and yes, the UI-Layout needs to be improved and changed.

artlogicgames responds:

ui still rough . will be polished .


2010-06-24 04:36:22

That's great news! Ew3 was one of my favorite games ever. Is Maestro Rage doing the music for this one?

artlogicgames responds:

yep .


2010-06-29 01:52:10

Hey in the next game you can at least tell us if the goblin is impossible to kill!!! I beat the cave 6 times before I figured out how to kill it, I just assumed it was invincible!!!


2010-07-07 22:04:03

I hope there are new heroes and minions


2010-07-17 11:34:40

Has progress been good that the game should be released within a month?


2010-07-29 22:18:11

It's a good game, for the most part. Though the main knight's attacks are a bit sluggish..


2010-08-01 07:06:52

Bug war 2 > Epic war 4

Bugs are cool you know =)

Hehe... keep up the good work dude, hope to see even better things of you soon! :D


2010-08-02 14:50:20

This was a very cool game. The first epic war game I tested, actually. I tested the others afterwards. This one is the best, but the others are not bad either.

I actually like number 4 best, then 3, 1 and 2. The thing I don't like about number 2 is that to make new creatures except the standard, I have to upgrade a lot of stuff every time I play. Interessting kind of way to play, but I prefer the 3 other way of battling more.


2010-08-11 03:44:08

your epic war games are excellent,please continue making epic war games.When can we see epic war 5,and thanks for the game it kept playing for hours and finished the whole game including the epic mode.


2010-08-31 02:11:03

Plz make an epic war 5!!!


2010-09-11 17:17:55

Bug war 2 > Civilisation Wars > Epic war 4

My opinion ._.